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What equipment do you have at Studio 617?

- 800+ pounds of bumper plates

- two TRX 

- yoga mats

- massage table

- plyo boxes

- rower

- med balls

- sliders

- bands (long and mini)

- foam rollers

- ski erg

- Ancore training system

- 1100 SF of open space

- 36' of black turf w/ a sled

- medball area w/ brick wall

- two power racks

- cable machine

- two barbells

- safety squat bar

- hex bar

- two benches

- adjustable dumbbells up to 90#

- dumbbell set 5-50#

- kettlebell pairs from 13 - 53#

How many people can train at the same time?

At the moment, we are only allowing two trainer/client pairs in the studio at the same time. 

How much do personal training sessions cost?

Since we have many independent trainers who set their own rates, sessions typically range between $85-$125 per session depending on how often you train per week. 

How much does it cost to rent the studio as a trainer?

We charge $30/hour to rent out the studio.

As a trainer, how do I book a session?

Once we approve a trainer, we will send them all the information they'll need and show them how to use the Vagaro app to book sessions. 

Can I book recurring sessions?

Yes, we actually encourage this. If you have a time you know your client can stick to, we can make sure it's blocked off for you and your client on a weekly basis.

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