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We want to get to know you!

Fill out the form below and please feel free to include things such as:

  • Main goals

  • Past experience with strength training or other forms of fitness

  •  Past/current injuries or health concerns

  • What you'd hope to get out of training

Tell us a little
about yourself.

Once you fill out our form we typically

schedule a short phone call to dig deeper into your goals and from there, pair you with a trainer we think is a great fit. Along w/ the 

owners, John and Chris, we have several

independent trainers at our studio we often

pair new clients with. 

Depending on the trainer and how often you'd like to train, sessions typically range between $85-$125 per session


Get paired with a
trainer who matches
your goals.

Once we have a trainer in mind, we try to 

schedule a complimentary session. From here

the trainer/client can lay out what training will

look like and the trainer can decide if it's 

a good fit!


Schedule your 

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