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End of an era: Boston Sports Clubs Prudential is closing its doors

We just got news that Boston Sports Clubs Prudential is closing… and we have some feelings.

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Sun is setting on BSC Prudential; time to search for a new gym (or the best personal trainers in Boston)

Why we care about Boston Sports Clubs closing locations

For several years, Boston Sports Clubs was our training home and it feels sad to see BSC Prudential closing. When gyms closed down in March 2020 and all staff were laid off, we had no idea when they would be allowed to reopen and made the difficult decision to pivot to training our clients online. This eventually led to the opening of our first (!!) brick-and-mortar location in Copley. Upon learning about all the account-related issues many of the BSC members experienced with the shutdown, we felt even more grounded in our decision to separate from Boston Sports Clubs.

While many of our friends and colleagues have since moved on, we’re still saddened to hear the news of the BSC Prudential closure as it feels like the end of an era. We feel for the members who have made the gym their home and part of their routine. We’re sad for the trainers who need to find a new place to train and the staff who need to find new jobs. For many years Boston Sports Clubs were the gym of choice for all types of fitness enthusiasts— they had some of the best personal trainers in Boston.

The state of Fitness in Back Bay

We’re proud of the community we’ve cultivated here at Studio 617 – we have some of the most dedicated clients and we’re confident that we host the best trainers in Boston. With Boston Sports Clubs Prudential location closing, we hope that all members are able to find a gym that feels like “home.”

If you’ve been affected by the BSC Prudential closure, there is no shortage of options for fitness in Back Bay—and Boston at large. No matter your workout style, you’ll surely be able to find a place to land. At the studio alone we have trainers that specialize in everything from injury prevention to boxing to athletic training to clients who are new-to-exercise – and much more.

If you’re here and feeling a little sad about the BSC closure… and you’re thinking about maybe joining us, we would love to have you.

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Chris Paduano and John Kelley, Owners of Studio 617 in Copley

When one Boston gym door closes….

Though we’re saddened by what’s happening with Boston Sports Clubs Prudential closing their doors, we have a really exciting announcement. We’re opening a second location a few blocks from our first location in Copley. That feels wildly surreal to say. A second location. Wow.

We’re so fortunate to be able to announce expansion in the midst of so many local businesses closing. Our community has been growing over the years, and the group of fantastic trainers we host have been getting busier—and frankly, we needed more space to accommodate.

We’re excited to announce the opening of our second Studio617 location! We’ve been so fortunate to see such success- both for ourselves and our community of amazing Boston personal trainers.

How can we help?

If you’ve been impacted by Boston Sports Clubs Prudential closing and you’re looking for a new place to work out, maybe it’s time to try a private studio! We’re a mere 7 minute walk from BSC Prudential and many of our trainers are taking on new clients.

If you’re curious, we would love to set up a time to chat. Training in a private studio is quite different from a large commercial gym, and we may be biased, but we like it better. All we would need from you is a sense of your goals, injuries, and few times that might work for you in terms of scheduling. As we’ve said – we have some of the most dedicated, fun, best personal trainers in Boston, so you’ll always be in good hands.

Article written in collaboration with Katie Dickinson @ Weird Trainer Friend

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